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There's a barbecue for everyone

Gas, Charcoal, or Electric? – Weber has an answer to every craving

Barbecuing is more than what sears on the grate it’s lifestyle. Whether you’re a self proclaimed BBQ master, first time barbecuer, or making a transition from charcoal to gas, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our array of charcoal, gas and electric barbecues.

Explore THE Categories

Precision Barbecuing

Gas barbecues

It’s about spontaneous get-togethers, whether time is plentiful or short, and great food on a relaxing Sunday or a busy Monday. Whether the kids want burgers or guys are craving steak, your gas barbecue is always ready with the push of a button.

Barbecue Without Limits

Electric barbecues

Invite friends for a rooftop barbecue, or let loose after a busy day in the office. Plug in your electric barbecue, gather the ingredients, and set the table for two or whoever shows up. Barbecue - no matter where you live, or what’s cooking.

Barbecue On-the-Go

Portable barbecues

Travel with a taste of home. Whether away on business, or hiking in the woods, the sweet taste of BBQ guarantees that wherever you are, the food will be amazing.

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Take a tour behind the scenes

A barbecue is not just a barbecue when the quality and ingenuity make it a companion for life. Let us give you a tour behind the scenes to see how they're made.

65 years of magic around the kettle
Try our GBS modules

one system endless opportunities

Gourmet BBQ System

Explore endless possibilities with the Gourmet BBQ System. The array of GBS inserts, such as a pizza stone, wok, and griddle, open up a new world of opportunities to perfect dishes you would have never imagined creating on a barbecue.